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Sarajevo is an amazing place to explore. It has a special cultural mix, so even in a short walk you’ll be able to notice a great influence of different empires (Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian) and different religions. Its rich history and specific easy-going rhythm really gives Sarajevo unique charm and spirit.
We advise to take a day just to wander through the old town, feed some pigeons neer Sebilj, take a sip of bosnian coffee with some rahat-lokum, visit the bridge where “shot heard around the world” was fired and assassinated Franz Ferdinand, admire the view during the cable car ride and have some quiet time while exploring a bobsled from the 1984 Olympics.
There is soo much that Sarajevo will offer you, so take in as much as you can. And don’t forget to have some ćevapi and burek, we warn you, you’ll crave them long after you leave.